Editor’s Guide

So ... They  'Volunteered'  You To Be a Group Editor...

Me too.  Don't worry about it.  its not as complicated as it seems.  I became the webmaster because my nose itched and I reached up to scratch it when they were asking for volunteers.  Happens all the time.

This tutorial is designed to assist those members who have been selected... or if you prefer...  have the "Honor & Priviledge"... to represent their group or committee by maintaining the website section dedicated to the promotion & current information of that group or committee.  And we need to put emphasis on the "Current Information" part as a website that becomes stagnant with stale or out-of-date information is doomed.  A bit like having yesterday's newspaper delivered to you everyday. Old now... and useless as you can't wrap fish in an old website.

Before we get into the meat of how to do this... complete with pictures & arrows and such... lets go over some basic concepts of how this all works. Or is supposed to. And just to make sure you you stay with us on this, we'll do it in a FAQy Tounge & Cheek fashion. Keep it light & enteretaining.

Using This Website

Surfs Up, Dude... Surfing The Website

Chances are... you are an old pro at navigating your way around websites and you've already got the website pretty much figured out.  However, there just may be more to the eye here than you suspected.  So stick with me here and you may pick up a thing or two. At the very least, you can marvel at how my spell checker makes it appear that I can actually spell.

If you are new to exploring websites or at least this one, come along with me now as I spin a delightful little tale about what information and services we have here, how to find it... and how it can benefit you. Don't worry... its really quite simple.  Just ignore the man behind the curtain. 

Remember now... this is Site Navigation 101.  So please don't be offended if I tend to overstate the obvious.  There is no doubt in my mind that you know what you're doing... but others may benefit from a recap of the basics.

Browsers... What You Use is What You Get

The Internet and all websites therein are accessed by a software program called a 'browser'.  Different computer operating systems and different devices, such as tablets and cell phones, use different types of browsers... and no two browsers are created equal.  Oh, they are supposed to act and display websites in the same manner.  But they just don't.  Some folk just don't always play by the rules.

For computers running a Windows operating system, there are essentially 3 primary browsers you can use; Internet Explorer... which comes pre-installed with Windows... FireFox and Google's Chrome.  The latter two generally play by the rules so everything on a website appears as it should.  Internet Explore, however, is a major pain to website developers as it plays by its own rules and may not always present a website as it was designed. Developers are often forced to write oodles of extra code to trick IE into behaving properly. If you use IE and find it slow or displaying websites incorrectly, you may want to consider downloading and installing one of the other browsers mentioned above. They are both free and very simple to install.

The browsers that come with various mobile devices are also different and can make a website appear very differently than intended. Plus, smaller devices such as cell phones have a little problem trying shove content designed to be viewed onto at least a 17" monitor on a tinny weeny little screen. Our website now uses a new technology called 'Responsive Design" which, in theory, will detect the type of device and browser you are viewing the website with... and will adjust the display accordingly... even configuring and shoving it onto your small cell phone.


Volunteer to Help Us, Help You...
Our Charities and The Lodge

These are challenging times for most Americans and certainly the ELKS lodges throughout our nation have felt the crunch as well. Many are struggling for their very existence and are trying to find ways to keep their doors open.

Many lodges are learning that they have to cut operational costs or increase the costs of membership dues, food and beverages... just to break even. Obviously, this is undesirable and akin to putting a band aid on a sucking chest wound.

My original intent was to share a compelling narrative that would inspire us all to understand our lodge's dire need for volunteers to help in almost every aspect of the operation of our lodge and the charities we sponsor and support.  But then, I realized that folk far more eloquent than I have already covered this subject quite extensively.

And so, without further ado...  here's what these famous folk want you to do and understand. If you disagree, don't shoot. I am only the messenger...-

Here's to all volunteers, those dedicated people who believe in all work and no pay.

Robert Orben

Volunteers are the only human beings on the face of the earth who reflect this
nation's compassion, unselfish caring, patience, and just plain loving one another.

Erma Bombeck

Volunteers are paid in six figures... S-M-I-L-E-S.
Gayla LeMaire

Wherever a man turns he can find someone who needs him.
Albert Schweitzer

Unselfish and noble actions are the most radiant pages in the biography of souls.
David Thomas

The breeze, the trees, the honey bees — All volunteers!
Juliet Carinreap

It's easy to make a buck. It's a lot tougher to make a difference.
~Tom Brokaw

History of The Internet

What is The Internet and Where Did it Come From?

​The Internet or "Web", as it is commonly referred to, is not really anything new.  In one form or another, it has actually been around since man first discovered caves and realized their potential. Certainly, having a roof over your head was a big plus. Protection from the elements and the occasional falling asteroid was all the rave and pretty soon, everybody wanted one.  The Cave Market boomed!!

However, 9 out of 10 archaeologists agree1,  that it was not the protection aspect of caves that was so appealing to early man.  No, the main attraction of caves was the advertising space.  All those walls... just crying out to be tagged in one form or another.

1  67.5% of all of statistics are made up on the spot.

Of sure, it started out innocently enough, probably as cave art to serve as public service announcements.  A simple drawing of a mastodon devouring one of the tribe. The message: "Stay away from Mastodons".  Good tip, thanks.

However,  we have discovered numerous ancient caves where the walls are littered with drawings of herds of antelope-like creatures all gathered together on a plain or around a water hole. Above the drawings are cryptic characters that we have not been able to interpret... but most likely they said something like "Eat at Cronks" or "Last Stop for Gas Before The Bronze Age".

So, today we call it "The Web".  Back then, it was "The Wall".  But both had the same purpose and function.  A public bulletin board of sorts to share information and promote enterprise. (Cont)

Anthem Veterans Memorial

At precisely 11:11 a.m. each Veterans Day (Nov. 11), the sun’s rays pass through the ellipses of the five Armed Services pillars to form a perfect solar spotlight over a mosaic of The Great Seal of the United States.

The Anthem Veterans Memorial, located in Anthem, Arizona, is a monument dedicated to honoring the service and sacrifice of the United States armed forces. The pillar of pride provides a place of honor and reflection for veterans, their family and friends, and for those who want to pay their respects and honor those service men and women who have and continue to courageously serve the United States.

41703 N. Gavilan Peak Pkwy. Anthem, AZ 85086 | Get Directions

Five Pillar Significance

  • The five pillars represent the unity of the five branches of the United States military serving steadfast together.

  • They are staggered in size with their appropriate military seal placements on each pillar based upon the Department of Defense prescribed precedence.

  • At precisely 11:11 a.m. each Veterans Day (Nov. 11), the sun's rays pass through the ellipses of the five Armed Services pillars to form a perfect solar spotlight over a mosaic of The Great Seal of the United States.

Additionally, the brick pavers within the Circle of Honor are inscribed with the names of U.S. servicemen and women, symbolizing the 'support' for the Armed Forces. The pavers are red, the pillars are white, and the sky is blue to represent America's flag. The circle represents an unbreakable border.

Learn about "Engineering Behind the Memorial," with Jim Martin, Chief Engineer.

Proudly Fly Old Glory… Flag Display Days

Proudly Fly Old Glory… Flag Display Days

New Year’s Day January 1 National Korean War Veterans

Inauguration Day (Presidential) January 20 Armistice Day July 27

Martin Luther King, Jr. Day 3rd Monday in January Labor Day 1st Monday in September

Lincoln’s Birthday February 12 Patriot Day and National Day of Service

Washington’s Birthday and Remembrance (half-staff) September 11

(President’s Day) 3rd Monday in February POW/MIA Recognition Day 3rd Friday in September

Easter Sunday variable Constitution and Citizenship Day September 17

Mother’s Day 2nd Sunday in May Columbus Day 2nd Monday in October

Peace Officers Memorial Day (half-staff)* May 15 Navy Day October 27

Armed Forces Day 3rd Saturday in May Veterans Day November 11

Memorial Day (half-staff until noon) Last Monday in May Thanksgiving Day 4th Thursday in November

Flag Day June 14 National Pearl Harbor

Father’s Day 3rd Sunday in June Remembrance Day (half-staff) December 7

Independence Day July 4 Christmas Day December 25

And such other days as may be proclaimed by the President of the United States, the birthdays of states (dates of admission), and on state holidays. Information outlined above is part of the Federal Flag Code or enacted by Federal legislation, fly your POW/MIA flag with your United States flag on Armed Forces Day, Memorial Day, Flag Day, Independence Day, National POW/MIA Recognition Day and Veterans Day. For more information regarding flag history, Federal Flag Code, or how to properly display the U.S. flag, refer to the VFW Website, www.vfw.org.

*The flag shall be flown at half-staff on Peace Officers Memorial Day, unless that day is also Armed Forces Day.

Balboa Parade

Newport Harbor Lodge Takes Part in the 2016 Balboa Island Annual Parade

That was us on Sunday, June 5! The little cart in the picture below, dressed up in red, white, and blue decorations is one of the Downtowner carts that park at the rear of our lodge. It was perfect for displaying our lodge sign and carrying a few lodge members in this small, 2-block long parade on Balboa Island. In front of the cart, Inner Guard Rick Van de Walle, was carrying the Elk flag. Rick was hidden by the flag, oh shucks! Girl Scouts from Troop 3175, sponsored by Newport Harbor Elks, walked alongside the cart passing out Elks Drug Awareness color books and crayons, and American flags to children along the parade route. This was a huge hit with the kids. The California Elementary School Band, which also receives sponsorship funds from Newport Harbor Elks, marched behind the Elk’s Cart playing their instruments for the fun and enjoyment of the crowd. Our lodge gets a lot of great publicity from this fun little parade! This is an annual event. Angela Anderson, Veterans Chairman and Sharron Dearborn, Leading Knight, pulled the lodge activities together for the parade. If you love a parade, watch for next year’s request for volunteers and join the fun.


BBQ Saturdays

Afternoon BBQ Saturday includes a large delicious hamburger or hot dog, including condiments and a bag of chips for $5. Each Saturday, lodge volunteers cook the hamburgers and hot dogs which are purchased by the Lodge. In addition these volunteers have been ‘donating’ side dishes and desserts with no reimbursement for the cost. It is entirely up to the volunteer if they want to bring side dishes and dessert. It should not be expected that $5 includes side dishes and desserts. A special ‘thank you’ to volunteers who have been providing additional food.

ELK Love Eternal

Buttons the orphaned Elk gives firefighters some love


All animals need a community — a group of fellow creatures to hunt with, travel with, and make life a little less lonely. For some wild animals, losing their  birth family means they need to find their own community in other ways. In Kittitas County, in central Washington, locals knew about an elk who would wander onto nearby farms after being abandoned by her family. The elk was known to approach cows and goats, but her search of companionship hasn’t stopped with friends of the four-legged variety… as one group of first responders recently learned firsthand!

One day, a group of hard-working firefighters responded to a blaze in the woods of Kittitas County, Washington. While on a break at one of their command posts, they got a welcome surprise after a hard day’s work: a friendly elk walked up to say hello!  The elk, named Buttons, is a fixture in the community, and many locals have seen her hanging around their ranches and farms.

Buttons was abandoned by her family at a young age, so she started hanging around with groups of cows and goats on a nearby hillside. She’s been a part of the Kittitas County community ever since, and she’s even become something of a local celebrity. While most elk keep a safe distance from humans, Buttons has no hesitations about saying hi up close. Sometimes she even shows her affection in the form of a nuzzle or a sloppy kiss!


Several elk herds have come through the area, but Buttons seems to prefer hanging out with her new friends — animals and humans alike. The firefighters reported that during her visit to their post, this sweet elk made sure to make the rounds and give kisses to every officer there. With so much love to go around, it’s safe to say that Buttons the elk will never be lonely again!