Vets Appreciation

angela anderson

Want to be involved with the Lodge’s Veteran Appreciation Events? Or are you a Veteran yourself? We have some specific things just for our Military Veterans.

Are you a Veteran and a member of the Newport Harbor Elks Lodge? We would like to salute your service. Since 1917 the Elks have been supporting Veterans. The Newport Harbor Elks Lodge #1767 is no different. The Lodge has a commemorative veteran area where we would be honored to place your name with your military service. Whether your honorable discharge was recent or years ago we would like to honor you. There are only two requirements; 1) being an Elk Member in good standing and 2) provide a copy of your 214 honorable discharge. If interested please e-mail the Veteran’s Chairman, Angela Anderson at We would be honored to hear from you.

Calling all Elks Veterans? Would you be interested in participating in the 22nd Annual Balboa Island Parade representing the Military Veteran’s of Newport Harbor Lodge? The parade is Sunday June 7th and the lodge would like to sponsor you in the parade. If there are some volunteers to walk and/or ride in a car we will provide the transportation and a lodge banner. The parade route is only a couple blocks, so not much time or distance needed. It would be great to remind the viewers of the parade about our lodge and our great veterans. There are only 100 parade entries allowed and the lodge would love to be involved. If you would be interested and are available for a few hours Sunday June 3rd please contact Angela Anderson at Let’s make a proud presentation of our great service of our Veterans and our the lodge.

This upcoming Elks year holds some great events in store.

Long Beach VA Hospital Bingo is still going strong. Newport Harbor will be co-sponsoring Bingo on Monday August 10th, December 14th and February 8th. Come on down and join the fun. There are a couple ways to participate. Help with the Bingo game, assist players in hearing and reading their cards during the Bingo call. Bring sugar free snacks. Walk the wards. This is a very enlightening and uplifting opportunity. For those patients that cannot leave their rooms or do not wish to participate in Bingo you can visit with them in their rooms. Visitors are import ant to the patients healing and well being. If you are a Veteran yourself this gives you a unique bond with these patients and something in common to discuss.

Patient visiting policy at the VA:

Visitation is 24 hours per day, 7 days per week, as long as it is in the best interest of the individual patient and is considered therapeutic. Visiting hours are based on the needs of the patient and visitors are encouraged to discuss any special visiting needs itht he unit’s head nurse. Whenever possible and medically appropriate, the nurse will coordinate special visiting arrangements to meet patient and family needs.

On Bingo nights we can do this from 6pm to 8pm or so, with a simple introduction to the nurses..i.e., we are from Newport harbor Elks, would like to visit with patients in this ward if you don’t mind, and if there are limitations or suggestions regarding the patients let us know.

Visiting the patient is simple…introduction, we are vets (define), what service were you in, where/when did you serve, share stories if possible, wish them well, and thank them for their service.

*Thank you Richard Odle, Veteran and Newport Harbor Elks Member for providing the details on “walking the wards” at the VA.

In September the Orange Coast District Elks will be providing meals for a day at the 5th Annual OC Stand Down. Newport Harbor will be involved as in past years. Dates and details to follow.

The FBI Shooting Range BBQ lunch for Camp Pendelton Wounded Warriors was such a hit in January that there are plans to put this on again. We will be looking for donations for the bbq lunch and volunteers to help cook and serve. No dates are set as of yet, so watch your Harbor Light eDition for details.

A new USO will be opening at the John Wayne Airport. They are looking for volunteers to staff the facility while open. The Elks hope to participate with this wonderful cause.

If interested in any of these events please let Veteran’s Chairman, Angela Anderson know. Get in touch with her at