BBQ Saturdays

Afternoon BBQ Saturday includes a large delicious hamburger or hot dog, including condiments and a bag of chips for $5. Each Saturday, lodge volunteers cook the hamburgers and hot dogs which are purchased by the Lodge. In addition these volunteers have been ‘donating’ side dishes and desserts with no reimbursement for the cost. It is entirely up to the volunteer if they want to bring side dishes and dessert. It should not be expected that $5 includes side dishes and desserts. A special ‘thank you’ to volunteers who have been providing additional food.

ELK Love Eternal

Buttons the orphaned Elk gives firefighters some love


All animals need a community — a group of fellow creatures to hunt with, travel with, and make life a little less lonely. For some wild animals, losing their  birth family means they need to find their own community in other ways. In Kittitas County, in central Washington, locals knew about an elk who would wander onto nearby farms after being abandoned by her family. The elk was known to approach cows and goats, but her search of companionship hasn’t stopped with friends of the four-legged variety… as one group of first responders recently learned firsthand!

One day, a group of hard-working firefighters responded to a blaze in the woods of Kittitas County, Washington. While on a break at one of their command posts, they got a welcome surprise after a hard day’s work: a friendly elk walked up to say hello!  The elk, named Buttons, is a fixture in the community, and many locals have seen her hanging around their ranches and farms.

Buttons was abandoned by her family at a young age, so she started hanging around with groups of cows and goats on a nearby hillside. She’s been a part of the Kittitas County community ever since, and she’s even become something of a local celebrity. While most elk keep a safe distance from humans, Buttons has no hesitations about saying hi up close. Sometimes she even shows her affection in the form of a nuzzle or a sloppy kiss!


Several elk herds have come through the area, but Buttons seems to prefer hanging out with her new friends — animals and humans alike. The firefighters reported that during her visit to their post, this sweet elk made sure to make the rounds and give kisses to every officer there. With so much love to go around, it’s safe to say that Buttons the elk will never be lonely again!