Editor’s Guide

So … They  ‘Volunteered’  You To Be a Group Editor…

Me too.  Don’t worry about it.  its not as complicated as it seems.  I became the webmaster because my nose itched and I reached up to scratch it when they were asking for volunteers.  Happens all the time.

This tutorial is designed to assist those members who have been selected… or if you prefer…  have the “Honor & Priviledge”… to represent their group or committee by maintaining the website section dedicated to the promotion & current information of that group or committee.  And we need to put emphasis on the “Current Information” part as a website that becomes stagnant with stale or out-of-date information is doomed.  A bit like having yesterday’s newspaper delivered to you everyday. Old now… and useless as you can’t wrap fish in an old website.

Before we get into the meat of how to do this… complete with pictures & arrows and such… lets go over some basic concepts of how this all works. Or is supposed to. And just to make sure you you stay with us on this, we’ll do it in a FAQy Tounge & Cheek fashion. Keep it light & enteretaining.