History of The Internet

How Much? What Egypt!!

Over time… quite a bit of it to be precise… man evolved and so did The Wall.  But mostly, it still remained a wall. Now it was carved from stone into large blocks and generally stacked in various ways.  The Great Pyramids of Egypt are a good example of these.  Although commonly believed to have been built as tributes & tombs of the great Pharaohs, we know today that, despite the crippling expense to build them,  their primary purpose was as advertising space.

Initially, the sides of the pyramids were covered with a smooth plaster-like surface… ideally suited for posting  advertising. Unfortunately, over the millenia, the smooth surface has eroded away…. and with it, all “tangible” evidence that what I’m telling you is true.  But drawings discovered within the pyramids, clearly show that they were little more than massive billboards… quite likely covered with propaganda to encourage the slaves and keep them in-line.

Truly, there is evidence of one such ad, that appears to have been immediately plastered over. Many have interpreted it to have been political in nature… depicting the face of a bearded man with the slogan, “Moses for Pharoh”.

There is also evidence of another pyramid posting that adds credence to the theory about aliens having built the pyramids.  Having been written in Alienese, we’re not able to properly interpret it but many believe it to be a message that explains the absence of aliens today.


Overall, the pyramids were a marketing failure. Due to the slanted sides, people could not clearly see the items posted there unless they were miles away. And at that distance, the print was just generally too small to read.


But again, the overall concept was the same.  Essentially, the pyramids were like massive information kiosks of the sort found in today’s shopping malls… minus the “You Are Here” part, which is generally pretty obvious because if you weren’t, then you wouldn’t be. They served the same purpose as our Web today as they were intended to convey information to an entire civilization. (Cont)