History of The Internet

Our Modern Web

So, if you are really interested, the concept of a global network began being discussed back in the 1950’s.  Several high-ranking geeks got together over pizza and orange soda and laid out their ideas. The tech was not really there yet… so it was more of a dream. But the twinkle was in the eyes of those who could make it real.

The first generation of the Internet was actually called ARPANET, which stood for Advanced Research Projects Agency Network. The first ARPANET message was sent from a UCLA student to Stanford on October 29th, 1969 at 10:30pm. Precisely 30 seconds later, it became self-aware and blew up the world.1

1 Sorry… wrong movie.

It is a common misconception that the Internet was originally created by the government as a backup communication system in case of a nuclear attack. Indeed, this is not true. It was built by a bunch of geeks with way too much time on their hands. They built it… because they could.  Little did they know at the time how it would come to revolutionize our world and how we communicated.

And change our society it surely did.  Before the Internet, your MAILBOX was a metal box on a stick out by the curb.  SPAM was something you ate; often begrudgingly, when the pantry was bare.  JUNK described the contents of our closets and garages. Now, JUNK fills your MAILBOX with SPAM.

The Internet is often referred to as “The Net” and justly so. It is, in effect, simply a collection of computer networks… all networked together by using a common communication protocol. It is also called “The Web”… which may be even more appropriate… said the spider to the fly. It is very enticing and once you’re in… you aint never getting out.

The Future of The Internet

Exactly where the Internet will go from here is difficult to say. But its not going away. It will, however, get smaller. And that could be a problem. More and more, people want the Internet to be portable and more convenient. No one wants to lug a desktop PC with a 21 inch monitor around on their backs. Nor are they willing to settle for a more portable laptop. No, they want something pocket-sized or, what Apple recently announced,  the Dick Tracy radio wrist watch phone/fax/copier/computer/camera with printer/washer/dryer/toaster/blender.  I think they plan on calling it the iDick.

If I was to council a young person today about what would be a good profession to get into, I would say… Optometry. If you want to be competitive & admired recreationally; master Pinball. Here’s why…

Apple Corp has always struggled being outside of the mainstream… so they have had to be innovative and first with trendy new devices. First it was the iPod which made us all deaf. Then it was smaller and smaller cell phones which made terrible phone calls… but allowed you to access and view the Internet on absurdly smaller & smaller screens. Which is making us all blind. Toss in texting which has replaced actually talking to people… and we will soon lose the power of speech.

It was all prophesied back in the 70’s by that visionary rock band The Who in their opera, Tommy… which stated:

That deaf dumb & blind kid sure plays a mean Pinball !!