Using This Website


Menus… One From Column A… or One From Column B…

Navigating around websites is usually done via a menu system…. where the menu offers, instead of delicious entrees, a selection of  the various webpages that make up a website. Each page will display information about different topics and features of the website.  On our website, the ‘main’ menu looks a bit like this (as of this writing):  

This menu will always be visible at the top of every page of the website. So you can easily select another page to view at any time.  

As you move your mouse along to the other menu buttons, they will be highlighted in blue to indicate which button your mouse is over.  Click on that button with your mouse, and that particular web page will display.

On most of the menu items, a ‘sub-menu’ may display underneath the menu button.  These are other web pages that are related to the top menu item your mouse is over. You can scroll down this sub menu with your mouse and select any of these sub-menu items.


The menu will not show on cell phones. Instead, there is a menu icon which is a box containing 3 horizontal lines. Select this and a menu displays. This is a cell phone standard.

This cell phone menu does not have sub-menus as that gets a little cluttered. But we have designed this website so you can get to each submenu page of the website from the top menu choice.

I told you it was simple, right?  Well, I lied.  Those are the basics of navigating most websites including this one. But there are always various links and buttons on certain pages that act as shortcuts to other pages or bring up popups of additional information. On this website, the links will generally appear as red underlined text.   

You will also see buttons  that, just like links, will take you to another part of the website or perform some function. They are normally labeled as to what they do. The one shown here is just an image. So don’t wear yourself out pounding away on it.


And that is really all there is to navigating most websites.  So go ahead and explore around.  We have quite a bit to catch up on here and more will be added all the time. And by the way, this button below works!!