The New Website

Your Newport Elks website has been remodeled to be easier to read, faster to display and, most importantly, easier and faster to edit and update. Our old website was nice but was a little too “webmaster” dependent and, frankly, was a bit of a chore to maintain.

It was intended to have committee chairpersons and officers write their own articles  and notices of new events. But it just didn’t happen that way. The editor was functional but a little cumbersome and there were just too many ‘little steps’ to remember in order to post an article.

Internet Buzz Word Warning: CMS – Content Management System

So we’ve come up with a new CMS , which is “designed” to be easier to use, in the hope that those members with content to submit… will learn to submit it themselves. The new CMS is far simpler to use but still has a small learning curve. But anyone who can compose a word doc can create or edit a document/article with it.

The first thing you’ve noticed, I’m sure… is the home page is a short repeating video extolling some of the visual features of our great community, Newport Harbor/ Beach. We decided to go with the “If you’ve got it, FLAUNT it”  marketing philosophy because, let’s face it.. Baby, We’ve Got It!! 

The Newport Beach community and surrounding area is remarkable and the Newport Harbor Elks Lodge has supported its civil services, clubs and organizations and charities for over 60 years. We take pride in our community and what we have done to help and that’s  what this new website is all about.

  • The tech used to present “not-on-demand video” embedded in the website is streamed by YouTube and Vimeo web services. As such, we don’t have to host the video ourselves or pay for the immense bandwidth it uses. Unfortunately, neither service offers support for cell phones and similar devices in this context. But the good news, all our pages are “responsive” and should be compatible with your cell phone.