Beacon Grant

Greetings from your Veterans Committee Chair Phil Bradley. In the May issue of the Harbor Light it was noted, we were approved for a Beacon Grant of $2,000, thanks to Karen Roach applying for the same.

The Beacon Grant makes it possible for the Newport Harbor Elks Lodge to offer approximately 20/30 blind and visually impaired veterans a wonderful day on the Harbor along with a breakfast/lunch venue. We are tentatively planning this event for late July or early August. If anyone would like to offer their Duffy’s or volunteer their time please look for the next upcoming article in the July Harbor Light or contact me.


Newport Harbor Officers Perform the ‘RITUAL’

Sunday, May 7, was the annual Elks Ritual Contest held at Santa Ana Lodge. Our team of officers took part in the Ritual after two months of weekly practice sessions.

The whole purpose of the exemplification of the ritual is to impress the candidate’s being initiated as members with the lesson it teaches. The ceremony should be presented at all times from this standpoint. There is no activity throughout Elkdom that more consistently and continually furthers the fundamental principles of our Order than a dignified and impressive rendition of the ritual. One of the most important contributions the officers of all Lodges can make is an impressive induction of a candidate into our great Order. Under the direction of Ritual Coach Dan Roach, Newport Harbor Lodge team came in second among the lodges where some officers read their parts. Even though our team was not part of the main competition, they spent over two months meeting weekly to prepare for the Ritual. Our Officers deserve a hardy pat on the back for their time, effort, and for representing our lodge at this important ritual.