Purple Pig Roundup for August

We have a number of new Purple Pig special-donation level awards to announce this month! Ian Conger, and Start McCroskey all were submitted for the 52 Club, and Cindy Nichols, and Sandra Waite reached the Century Club donation level! Great, and generous work, everyone!

We also awarded certificates during the July initiation meeting for Club Members who received their certificates and pins at the lodge. Pictured above from right to left:

Stan & Frankie Malkin (Century Club Stan pictured)

Dennis Yosanovich accepting for the Tate Fund (Millennium Club)

Tom Van Tassel (Century Club)

Sharon Dearborn (Millennium Club)

Rick and Kathy Blake (Millennium Club Rick Pictured)

Jim and Sissy Brownfield (Century Club Jim Pictured)

Not Pictured

Jim Jacobs (Century Club)

MJ Dearborn (Century Club)

RJ Dearborn (Century Club)

Jon and Pam Ellowitz (52 Club)