Famous Elks

Did you know how many ELKS are nationally or internationally famous?  From Military Heroes and Presidents to Great Sports Legends & Entertainers.  It speaks well of the ELKS that such individuals of achievement  fill or have filled our ranks.

General John Pershing
Captain Eddie Rickenbacker

Joseph Flores
Robert Ehrlich

Lawrence Welk
Will Rogers
Jack Benny
Andy Devine, PER San Fernando, CA Lodge 1539
Clint Eastwood, Monterey, CA Lodge 1285
Gene Autry
William F. Cody (Buffalo Bill)
Donald O'Connor
Billy Barty
Richard Moll
Tim Moore (Comedian)

Warren G. Harding
Franklin D. Roosevelt
Harry S. Truman
John F. Kennedy
Gerald R. Ford

Members of Congress
Tip O'Neill
Carl Albert
William F. Knowland, Oakland, CA Lodge 171
John McCormick
Sam Rayburn
Tom Foley
Hale Boggs
Arthur H. Vandenberg

Sports Figures
Honus Wagner
Vince Lombardi
Casey Stengel
Mickey Mantle
Whitey Ford
Zack Wheat
Petros Papadakis, San Pedro, CA Lodge 966
Joe Glenn
Jim Finks​

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