How to Become an Elk


Elks is an exclusive membership–you must be sponsored by another Elk to join.

To qualify as an Elk you must:

   Be over 21 years of age

   Be an American Citizen

    Believe in God

Once you can say yes to these 3 criteria, then ask yourself if you already know a friend who is an Elk and ask them to sponsor you.
  If you do not know any Elks then do the following:

  1. Find a local lodge to you and pay them a visit (Don’t forget to complete the visitor’s  book found at all lodges!)
  2. Talk to someone in the office (if they are busy you may have to schedule) and ask more.
  3. Complete a membership form (completely!).  Remember you will need a sponsor.
  4. Pay the application fee (it varies in price from lodge to lodge)
  5. You will undergo an Investigation, Orientation and finally your big night, Initiation.

After Initiation you will then be able to go to any lodge in America, walk in, sit down and find that you will be treated with respect, hospitality and kindness.

You’ll make new friends and have fun with the camaraderie of fellow Elks.

  • BBQ Saturdays
    BBQ Saturdays
    Every Saturday. Hamburgers or Hot Dogs and All The Trimmings!!