Thanks for a Great Duffy Rally

Our 2017 Newport Harbor Elks Yacht Club Annual Duffy Rally was the best attended in many years thanks to our Bridge Officers, Members, Nauti Gals enthusiasm asking friends and family to attend the event. The good news is a number of new members attended too. All had a great time. 

At the Rally BBQ two non-members participating asked me applications to join our Lodge and two Elk members asked for NHEYC applications. Also, one attendee asked for an affiliate membership application.    
Many said they had a wonderful time and will be back next year to attend our annual Duffy Rally.

Phil Bradley, this year’s Duffy Rally Chairman and Maureen Schaller Nauti-Gal should be proud of the Event Results. Thank you Yacht club members and Nauti-Gals for working hard to support this event.

I would like to personally thank Sharon Dearborn, Exalted Ruler, Stan Malken, David Armstrong, Dan Roach, Art Morrell, Jeff Ruzicka, Mel Friedlander, Mike Garroutte and Tony Messina.

Thank you Pam Ellowitz, Honey Dooz President, Esperizana Canter, and Barbara Lane for taking food orders. Rosemary Zaidenberg, Nauti-Gal President thank you for your event support.

The Volunteers that manned check points Bob Pesce, Jeff Ruzicka, Jon Ellowitz, Nicole Sato and Nick Petropoulos. Excellent job!

Thank you to Ron Siegrist, Frank Cuccia, Les Shelly, and others who donated their Duffy's. 
I thank all of you for your time, your donations and all your efforts you brought fraternal spirit, help, and enthusiasm that did not go un noticed.

All of you truly made this year’s Duffy Rally a success. The only exception two Duffy's are still out there looking for check point 2.

Jay Zaidenberg

July 23, 2017, Newport Harbor Elks New Members

The following are new members shown holding a Flag. Names are not necessarily in order of appearance, and not all new members may be present in this photo: Brian Busby, Kathleen Murphy, James Regitz II, Luke Rutherford, Shonti Rochek, Jenna Roman, Ellen Kozlowski, Jim Gibbons, Tracee Larocca, Tisha Sitzer, Roberta Huff, Jeffrey Deneen, Michael Fleischli, Emily Norton, William Oughton, Eva Scalzo, Lawrence Miller, Rudy Gallegos, David Harper, Matthew Way, Ethan Poli, Nida Fernandez-Flynn

Newport Harbor Officers Perform the ‘RITUAL’

Sunday, May 7, was the annual Elks Ritual Contest held at Santa Ana Lodge. Our team of officers took part in the Ritual after two months of weekly practice sessions.

The whole purpose of the exemplification of the ritual is to impress the candidate’s being initiated as members with the lesson it teaches. The ceremony should be presented at all times from this standpoint. There is no activity throughout Elkdom that more consistently and continually furthers the fundamental principles of our Order than a dignified and impressive rendition of the ritual. One of the most important contributions the officers of all Lodges can make is an impressive induction of a candidate into our great Order. Under the direction of Ritual Coach Dan Roach, Newport Harbor Lodge team came in second among the lodges where some officers read their parts. Even though our team was not part of the main competition, they spent over two months meeting weekly to prepare for the Ritual. Our Officers deserve a hardy pat on the back for their time, effort, and for representing our lodge at this important ritual.





EVENT                            TEAM CAPTAIN & CONTACT INFO

Bean Bag Toss                                                      NEED CAPTAIN

Bowling                                   Jordan Bouey

Darts                                                                       NEED CAPTAIN

Golf                                               Frank Cuccia cuccia

Hoop Shoot                           Mike Sheehan

Horseshoes                                 Angela Anderson and Tina Norman                                                    

Ping Pong                                   Darin Dick

Pistol Shoot*                                Tom Anderson and Les Shelly

8 Ball Pool                                       Russ Kerr

Shuffleboard                                Travis Brown

Tray Race                                                                  NEED CAPTAIN

Basically Three (3) Two (2) member teams per event except Bowling, Golf are not limited. Tray Race, Pistol shoot (2 – 5 member Teams) *Tray Race has 4 member event and a single race. Sign-up early and maybe we all can have some play offs to determine the best teams possible --- tired of 2nd place! All players must be Newport Harbor Elks and spouses, children over 16, significant others. And associate members.

$10 per player except bowling, golf and pistol shoot.



The New Website

Your Newport Elks website has been remodeled to be easier to read, faster to display and, most importantly, easier and faster to edit and update. Our old website was nice but was a little too "webmaster" dependent and, frankly, was a bit of a chore to maintain.

It was intended to have committee chairpersons and officers write their own articles  and notices of new events. But it just didn't happen that way. The editor was functional but a little cumbersome and there were just too many 'little steps' to remember in order to post an article.

Internet Buzz Word Warning: CMS - Content Management System

So we've come up with a new CMS , which is "designed" to be easier to use, in the hope that those members with content to submit... will learn to submit it themselves. The new CMS is far simpler to use but still has a small learning curve. But anyone who can compose a word doc can create or edit a document/article with it.

The first thing you've noticed, I'm sure... is the home page is a short repeating video extolling some of the visual features of our great community, Newport Harbor/ Beach. We decided to go with the "If you've got it, FLAUNT it"  marketing philosophy because, let's face it.. Baby, We've Got It!! 

The Newport Beach community and surrounding area is remarkable and the Newport Harbor Elks Lodge has supported its civil services, clubs and organizations and charities for over 60 years. We take pride in our community and what we have done to help and that's  what this new website is all about.

  • The tech used to present "not-on-demand video" embedded in the website is streamed by YouTube and Vimeo web services. As such, we don't have to host the video ourselves or pay for the immense bandwidth it uses. Unfortunately, neither service offers support for cell phones and similar devices in this context. But the good news, all our pages are "responsive" and should be compatible with your cell phone. 

Editor’s Guide

So ... They  'Volunteered'  You To Be a Group Editor...

Me too.  Don't worry about it.  its not as complicated as it seems.  I became the webmaster because my nose itched and I reached up to scratch it when they were asking for volunteers.  Happens all the time.

This tutorial is designed to assist those members who have been selected... or if you prefer...  have the "Honor & Priviledge"... to represent their group or committee by maintaining the website section dedicated to the promotion & current information of that group or committee.  And we need to put emphasis on the "Current Information" part as a website that becomes stagnant with stale or out-of-date information is doomed.  A bit like having yesterday's newspaper delivered to you everyday. Old now... and useless as you can't wrap fish in an old website.

Before we get into the meat of how to do this... complete with pictures & arrows and such... lets go over some basic concepts of how this all works. Or is supposed to. And just to make sure you you stay with us on this, we'll do it in a FAQy Tounge & Cheek fashion. Keep it light & enteretaining.

ELK Love Eternal

Buttons the orphaned Elk gives firefighters some love


All animals need a community — a group of fellow creatures to hunt with, travel with, and make life a little less lonely. For some wild animals, losing their  birth family means they need to find their own community in other ways. In Kittitas County, in central Washington, locals knew about an elk who would wander onto nearby farms after being abandoned by her family. The elk was known to approach cows and goats, but her search of companionship hasn’t stopped with friends of the four-legged variety… as one group of first responders recently learned firsthand!

One day, a group of hard-working firefighters responded to a blaze in the woods of Kittitas County, Washington. While on a break at one of their command posts, they got a welcome surprise after a hard day’s work: a friendly elk walked up to say hello!  The elk, named Buttons, is a fixture in the community, and many locals have seen her hanging around their ranches and farms.

Buttons was abandoned by her family at a young age, so she started hanging around with groups of cows and goats on a nearby hillside. She’s been a part of the Kittitas County community ever since, and she’s even become something of a local celebrity. While most elk keep a safe distance from humans, Buttons has no hesitations about saying hi up close. Sometimes she even shows her affection in the form of a nuzzle or a sloppy kiss!


Several elk herds have come through the area, but Buttons seems to prefer hanging out with her new friends — animals and humans alike. The firefighters reported that during her visit to their post, this sweet elk made sure to make the rounds and give kisses to every officer there. With so much love to go around, it’s safe to say that Buttons the elk will never be lonely again!