Photography & eCommunications Committee


 The Newport Harbor Elks Lodge Photography Committee (PhotoCom) is dedicated to documenting events at the lodge & district events involving our lodge and members. Our mission, quite simply, is to make you, your guests and the lodge look good.  We figured you were okay with that.

PhotoCom offers a free service to our members and guests by providing photographs of them and the wonderful, fun times they have at the lodge. These photographs are available free-of-charge via the  Photo Albums  on our associated  Facebook page… where they can be downloaded, then printed or distributed to friends via email or in any manner you prefer.

From a promotional stand point, it is our job to provide press materials and present the lodge in a favorable light. Fortunately, with so much going on at the lodge and everyone having such fun, that is fairly easy to accomplish.

 Our subordinate mission is the design & operation of the lodge’s website and associated   Facebook page.  Here, we promote the events and charities of the lodge & the Elks, and provide other information of interest to our members and prospective members. The Newport Harbor web site is far more than just the usual, static informational website. It is, in effect, the dynamic central hub of on-line communication for our lodge. Integrated with our official Facebook page and linked to other ELK & external resources, this web site utilizes custom programming and automation to provide features and services designed specifically for the benefits of our members and the business of the lodge. 

PhotoCom Articles

Your PhotoCom Team Members


Angela Anderson-FL
Post-Production Specialist
1st Lady
Website Administrator

John Hayden
PhotoCom Chairman

Dave Rudder – PER
Production Print Specialist
MSPP Presenter
Website Administrator